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How do I register for a class or program?
You can register in person, by fax at 540-372-3475, mail, or online. We do not accept registration by phone. Mail or drop off your registration at:
408 Canal St.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Parks, Recreation & Events

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2. How do I register for a class or program?
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4. Are the deposits on park rentals refundable?
5. How do I go about holding a run, concert or other event in one of the parks?
6. Do I need to submit a Special Event Application for my park rental?
7. Can I have my event at the city parks catered?
8. Can I have a bounce house at my event?
9. Can I have a live band or DJ?
10. Signage for Walks Guidelines
11. Where do I find the Special Event Application online?