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Vision Statement

Coat of Arms

Amended At Its 300th Anniversary
Approved November 11, 2008

Since the city’s founding in 1728, the citizens of Fredericksburg have overcome many challenges, created the character of the city, and ensured its extraordinary role in our nation’s history. During our stewardship of this great city, we resolve to build on this heritage and add our mark on the city’s history. The City Council’s vision for Fredericksburg at its 300th anniversary is to be a city:

  • Animated by a sense of its unmatched, irreplaceable history
  • Characterized by the beauty of its riverfront, the vibrancy of its downtown, and its safe and attractive neighborhoods
  • Inspired by active arts, cultural, and education communities
  • Shaped by civic involvement and economic vitality
  • Mindful of its duty to protect and conserve its pristine land, water, and air resources
  • Of choice for people of many income levels, cultures, and ethnicities to live, work, and play