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Comments / Complaints
Serving the public is very important to us and we want to know how we're doing!  Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

For comments, questions, or concerns about traffic issues, please send your inquiries to our Traffic Division.

For general comments, questions, or concerns, fill out the survey and contact Chief Nye.

How the Complaint Process Works

Your Complaint is Important:

The Fredericksburg Police Department is committed to the prompt and fair resolution of complaints concerning the actions and performance of our personnel. As an organization, we strive to provide the highest level of law enforcement service to all citizens. Policing is a very difficult and complex job in today’s society. We realize that mistakes can be made and the actions of our personnel may fall short of your expectations.

The employees of the Department are aware of the important responsibilities and duties they have as public servants. The Department operates under the constitutional guarantees afforded to everyone and under the laws that govern us. Therefore, the courteous receipt of complaints, thorough and impartial investigations, and just dispositions are important in maintaining the confidence of our citizens.

Understanding the Process:

A complaint may be made in the following ways:

  • Go to Police Headquarters located at 2200 Cowan Blvd. or phone 540-373-3122 and ask to speak with a supervisor.
  • Contact the Office of Accreditation and Professional Standards at 540-654-5768 or via email.
  • Write a letter to the Chief of Police at 2200 Cowan Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA 22401 or contact the Chief by email.
  • Complete a Citizen Complaint Form. This form is also available at Police Headquarters or by mail.  The form may be turned in to any Police Department supervisor or turned in to the Police Department in person or by mail.

A supervisor or Professional Standards investigator will be assigned to investigate the complaint and will meet with you at a location where you feel comfortable, if necessary. If available, the following information will assist in our investigation:

  • Date, time, and location of incident
  • Names of the employees involved
  • Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses

After the Complaint is Made:

A record of your complaint will be forwarded to the Office of Accreditation and Professional Standards for evaluation and assignment. Allegations of criminal wrongdoing against an employee are typically investigated by the Detective Division or by an outside agency prior to the initiation of an administrative investigation.

You will be notified in writing that your complaint was received, and you may be asked to talk to the supervisor or investigator assigned to conduct the investigation.

The Interview:

A supervisor or Professional Standards investigator will discuss the complaint with you. The assigned supervisor or investigator will take your information and ensure that the complaint is considered by the appropriate personnel.

Length of the Process:

Professional Standards investigations are expected to be completed within 30 days of the assignment to an investigator, except when an extension is granted due to extenuating circumstances.

After the Investigation:

All completed investigations are forwarded to the Chief of Police for disposition.

Disposition of the Investigation:

The following terminology is used when resolving complaints:

  • Sustained - Evidence sufficient to prove alle­gations
  • Not sustained - Insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove allegations
  • Exonerated - Incident occurred but was law­ful and/or within department policy
  • Unfounded - Allegation is false or not factual or the employee was not involved
  • Policy Review - The complaint is regarding the actions of an employee who was following Departmental policy


You will be notified in writing by the Chief of Police regarding the final disposition of the investigation. After the final disposition is reached by the Chief of Police, appropriate action is taken if necessary, based upon the finding. Any personnel action taken is a confidential personnel matter and is not released to the complainant.

For additional information and statistics regarding complaints against the Police Department, please contact the manager of Accreditation and Professional Standards, Sgt. Pat Reed.