Public Notices

General Notices

Parking Advisory Committee Meeting

City Council

Council (Link goes to Agenda page) 

July 9, 2019 Public Hearing

Planning Commission

Next meeting August 14, 2019

Architectural Review Board

Board of Zoning Appeals

New Meeting Time - 4:30 p.m.

Next meeting August 19, 2019

City and Public Utility Review Committee (CPURC)

No meetings scheduled at this time.

Development Review

CDR 2019-03 1400 Lafeyette Boulevard - Fredericksburg Park (pdf) Comments due July 30, 2019

SPMAJ 2019-13 CVAS Baseball Stadium  Comments due August 7, 2019

SPMAJ 2019-14 CVAS Silver Collection Garages Comments due August 19, 2019

 *Large files may take longer to download.