Washington Avenue Mall Tree Taskforce

Taskforce Mission

The Taskforce Mission is to review the public comments that have been submitted to the City with respect to the current mall tree plan that was presented at the February 1, 2016 public forum; review the concerns that have been raised by the Washington Avenue mall petitioners; coordinate with City staff for any supporting information that may be needed during deliberations; in consideration of the public comments by the community, concerns of the petitioners, and other relevant information, develop a recommendation that best addresses the interests of the community at large with respect to changes to the current tree plan; present the recommendation to the Parks and Recreation Commission and to the Clean and Green Commission for any additional input and considerations and present a final recommendation to the City Council for adoption.


6:30 p.m.
City Hall
Council Chambers
715 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Meeting Schedule

  •  Tuesday, April 5 Council Chambers
  • Tuesday, April 19 Large Conference Room
  • Wednesday, May 4 Council Chambers
  • Tuesday, May 24 Large Conference Room
  • Tuesday, June 21 Large Conference Room

Taskforce Presentations

  • June 6: Clean and Green Commission presentation
  • June 16: Parks and Recreation Commission presentation
  • July 12: City Council presentation (final recommendation of the task force) Taskforce Membership
  • A city resident representative – Ms. Jeanette Cadwallender, Chairperson
  • A representative from City staff - Mr. Dave King
  • A representative from the Planning Commission – Mr. Roy McAfee
  • A representative from the Washington Avenue Group – Mr. Steve Gaske
  • A representative from HFFI – Ms. Emily Taggart
  • A city resident representative – Ms. Jeanette Cadwallender, Chair
  • A representative from the Clean and Green Commission – Mr. George Solley
  • A historic preservation specialist – Mr. Michael Spencer (UMW)