Mosquito Prevention

Ways to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yardfight-the-bite-logo1500x1500.png

  • Eliminate all standing water. Check your yard and eliminate all standing water in:
    • Roof gutters and rain barrels
    • Boats and birdbaths
    • Cans, bottles, and plastic bags
    • Flower pots and vases
    • Unused swimming and wading pools
    • Wheelbarrows and mortar tubs
    • Ornamental pools and fountains
    • Cellars and crawl spaces
    • Old tires and tire ruts.
  • Flatten all types of open cans and containers or puncture holes in bottom
  • Clean clogged roof gutters and drain flat roofs so no water stays
  • Cover all standing receptacles, such as rain barrels in rural areas with netting
  • Empty and refill outdoor bird baths every few days
  • Stock with fish or aerate garden pools and ponds
  • Tilt wheelbarrows and machines with containers to prevent holding water
  • Empty watering cans and wading pools after using
  • Dispose of old tires, or anything that holds water

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

  • Dress appropriately: wear light-colored clothing, wear long pants and sleeves, tuck in shirts, tuck pants into socks, and wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Use insect repellents on the skin that contain ≥20% DEET. ("Natural" products, such as citronella, are not effective)
  • Avoid peak times, stay indoors at dawn and early evening.
  • Keep them outside, install, repair or replace screens on both windows and doors.

Travel Information

If you are planning a trip, please visit the CDC website.