Transportation Division


The Transportation Division provides the planning and administrative services that ensure Fredericksburg has a cohesive transportation network of roads/highways, rail facilities, trails, and sidewalks.


Long Range Planning

Provide professional transportation analysis and planning pertaining to maintaining and enhancing a multi-modal transportation network throughout the City of Fredericksburg.

Regional Planning

Serve as City representative on the Technical Committee of the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (FAMPO).

Contract Administration

Administer transportation projects through the Locally Administered Projects program. Represent the City’s interests in all transportation projects undertaken within the city limits by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and the Virginia Railway Express (VRE).

Land Use Planning

Act as lead staff for evaluating proposed transportation network improvements during the land development process.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Engineering

Act as lead staff for bicycle/pedestrian network improvements and way-finding signs.

City of Fredericksburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF)

Idlewild Boulevard Bike Lane

Twin Lake Kensington Bike/Pedestrian Connector - Public Information Meeting November 17 - Video

Staff Coordination

Ensure inter-disciplinary analysis of transportation-related issues and related problem solving.

Citizen Advisory Committees

  • Pathways Committee
  • Parking Advisory Committee