Parking Permit Program

In order to reduce hazardous traffic conditions resulting from the use of streets within residential areas for commercial parking and to protect the residents of such areas from unreasonable burdens in gaining access to their residences, the City of Fredericksburg Parking Permit Program was established. To learn more about how to designate a residential street as permit parking only, click here or contact Public Works at (540) 372-1023.

Once a street has been designated as permit parking only, vehicles must display a parking permit to avoid the issuance of a parking citation. The parking permit must be displayed on the left side of the rear bumper or on the left side of the rear window to avoid the issuance of a parking citation. Visitor placards should be displayed in a manner that makes the address, expiration, and serial number visible. Handicap placards should be displayed in a manner that makes the expiration date and control number visible. Colored-coded parking permits will be issued according to where a resident lives, and will be issued in one of five color-coded categories: GREY, RED, BLUE, PURPLE, or YELLOW.

How To Obtain a Parking Permit

Visitor Parking Permits: Visitor parking permits are issued two per household upon issuance of a parking permit, except for in the White Parking Permit Zone, where visitor parking permits are not permitted. Visitor parking permits must be displayed on the vehicle's rear-view mirror to avoid the issuance of a parking citation.

Replacement Permits: Lost parking permits carry a replacement fee of $25 and may be purchased at Police Headquarters. Cash only, please.

Parking Permits for City-Controlled VRE Parking Lots: The City designates several parking areas as 'City Residents Only'. Vehicles that park in City-controlled parking lots must display a City parking permit or a City decal. Visitor parking permits do not authorize vehicles to park in City-controlled parking lots. Residents who are ineligible for a parking permit may purchase a City decal at the Commissioner of Revenue's Office City Hall.

White Parking Permit Zone: Issued to residents of the Downtown Business District. Those residents who reside in the Downtown Business District may park, with a valid parking permit, in those areas of the 100 block of Charlotte Street and in those areas of the 200 block of Amelia Street that are signed as '2 hour parking except by permit' without having to abide by the 2 hour parking limit.

Parking Permit Categories

parking ticket chart 2
parking ticket chart 3