Landlord License & Tenant Lists

Landlord Licenses

Any person renting real property in the City is required to obtain a City of Fredericksburg Landlord License (Business License). Please see Code of Fredericksburg, Section 70-363, for more details or call the Real Estate office at 540-372-1207.

The fee for the Landlord Business License is $25 OR $0.16 per $100.00 of gross rental receipts, whichever is greater. The first $3,600 of gross rental income is exempt.

Two examples of fee calculation:

A) An annual lease amount between $3,601 and $19,225 would pay the $25 fee.
B) A lease in the amount of $24,000 would pay $32.64 $24,000 - $3,600 = $20,400

$20,400 x .0016 = $32.64

Tenant Lists:

Landlords are annually required to submit the names of tenants residing in a rental property as of January 1. Tenant List are sent the first week of January and are due by February 1st. Tenant lists are confidential, used only by our Personal Property team to verify residency. Reference State Code 58.1-3901 for more information on tenant lists.

Click on the links below to obtain a copy of the Landlord License Application and Tenant List: