Firearms Training Unit

Firearms TrainingThe Firearms Training Unit provides training for weapons handling and skills necessary for the safe and proficient use of firearms.  It also provides scenario-based training for critical decision making.

Firearms training begins when a recruit is hired with a familiarization class and range time leading to a qualification course.  Quarterly scenario-based training continues for all sworn employees.  Firearm qualification courses are conducted biannually.  Specialty courses are also offered throughout the year as well as additional monthly training days.  The training unit has a team of Department of Criminal Justice Services certified Firearms Instructors overseeing all training.

Specialized Training

Some of the additional training programs the Firearms Training Unit provides include:

  • The Firearms Training Unit trains select units within the Department in the use of firearms needed for specialized tasks. These include sniper rifles, shotguns, and M4 carbines.
  • Patrol Rifle Operator Course is a four-day course teaching the use of M4 carbines. The course is centered on bringing a novice participant through a rigorous course of documentation and live-fire drills.
  • Shotgun Operator is a three-day course teaching the use of a police-issued shotgun. The course outline is similar to the Patrol Rifle Operator.

The Firearms Training Unit continually researches the most current information in scenario-based situations, weapons, and ammunition.