Energized Work Environment


It means that we are maximizing potential, celebrating team successes and supporting each other through struggles. It is important to our success because we are engaged and fulfilled when we learn and grow. An upbeat work environment motivates us to bring out the best in each other. It energizes us, is a catalyst for creativity, invites teamwork and reduces stress.

We demonstrate this Value by:

  • Promoting work/life balance by encouraging quality time off and, when feasible, providing flexible schedules and considering job sharing.
  • Building the capacity and energy of our organization by providing training, coaching, encouragement and exposure to non-routine opportunities and challenges.

We violate this Value by:

  • Perceptions that “we are too busy.”
  • Tolerating toxic, rude, undermining, egotistical and bullying behavior.
  • Having an attitude of “it’s not my job.”

Our Values will be incorporated into our daily routines, our annual performance evaluations, our employee recognition efforts and in recruitment of future team members. Together, by living these Values, we can assure those who count on us daily as public servants that we will always work to achieve the highest standards in service delivery.