Photos of Auction Block Removal

The Auction Block was removed from the corner of William Street and Charles Street on Friday, June 5, 2020. Please see photographs below of the removal process. Photo credits to Dovetail Cultural Resource Group. 

Auction Block w graffiti 4 - credit COFAuction Block w graffiti 3 edited- credit COF

Auction Block 9 Removal north exposed - credit Dovetail

Auction Block 18 Removal block exposed - credit DovetailAuction Block 20 Removal digging continues - credit Dovetail

Auction Block 15 Removal moving plaque 3 - credit Dovetail

Auction Block 21 Removal wrapping block - credit DovetailAuction Block 22 Removal wrapping block 2 - credit Dovetail

Auction Block 24 Removal block is wrapped - credit Dovetail

Auction Block Removal block is strapped - credit COFAuction Block 39 Removal lifting - credit Dovetail

Auction Block 46 Removal securing to base 2 - credit DovetailAuction Block 9 Archaeology in progress 4 - credit COF

Auction Block 1 Archaeology after cleaning - credit DovetailAuction Block 2 Archaeology after cleaning -credit Dovetail

Auction Block After sidewalk - credit COF

Auction Block Corner After Removal - credit Dovetail