Brand Guidelines

FXBG Skyline Poster 2021

There’s a reason people have been putting down roots in Fredericksburg, Virginia for three centuries. With our rich natural surroundings, lively community, and central location, people come together to share ideas, start new ventures, and create a proud small city culture. Fredericksburg is near the nation’s biggest cities but feels like a different world, and the opportunities for growth are at our fingertips. Fredericksburg is authentic, solid and livable. It’s right where you want to be. 


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Brand Pillars

Our brand embraces and celebrates these particular pillars that provide a rich and complete survey of all that makes Fredericksburg a wonderful place to live, work and visit. 

  • Historically significant

Fredericksburg has long seen a confluence of peoples and ideas that have been central to American history. In the more than three hundred years since the founding of the city, it has hosted key actors, ideas, and moments from the nation’s founding to the Civil War to the growth of the twenty-first century. That history has also shaped the sense of place that elevates the experience of living, working, and visiting, particularly downtown Fredericksburg.

  • Cultural hub

The city provides a hub of activity for the region, shopping, artists studios, performing arts, community events, the University, and recreational opportunities provide a rich diversity of activity.

  • Good natured, sociable

The residents of Fredericksburg are good natured and offer plenty of opportunities and venues for newcomers to become involved in the community.

  • Central

The city’s opportune location halfway between Richmond and D.C. (with I-95 and rail lines providing direct access to both) make it a prime commuter community and offer convenient access to big city amenities. Recreational activities in the mountains and coast are also within easy driving distance.

  • Outdoors for Everyone

Being on the falls of the Rappahannock River provides a natural environment for excellent introductory level access to things like trails, rafting and kayaking.

  • Progress

The city is looking toward the future and taking steps to foster excellent education and create the workforce of tomorrow. The city caters to high tech businesses and healthcare industry to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Logos and Seals

The City of Fredericksburg's official corporate logo is the “FXBG” Logo, a graphic symbol that identifies the City of Fredericksburg as an organization, represents the City’s distinctive brand and is often the primary means by which the public forms an impression of the City. The Logo and City seal are symbols of authenticity, authority, and the jurisdiction of the City and, as such, are valuable assets of the City. 


The logotype acts as a stylized, shortened version of “Fredericksburg.” This logotype was built from Poppins, the brand typeface, with variations in weight to place emphasis on the “X” as an iconic, yet abstract representation of confluence. Whenever possible, set the logo in Dark Blue with the “X” in Cyan Blue.

Branding-Guidelines_COFMainLockupPrimary Logo

Wherever the brand is represented for the first time, or in contexts where viewers may not already be familiar with the graphic FXBG as the City's brand, it is necessary to include the City's name in the lockup. The City's default brand colors are Dark Blue with the “X” in Cyan Blue.

Branding-Guidelines_COFMainLockup-2Container Logo

One way to add depth and narrative to the main logotype is to use the "X" as a container for photography. The photography must always be overlaid with a single brand color. Full color photography must never be used within the context of the full logotype. And the logotype must be at a large enough size to be able to recognize what's happening in the photography. 


City of Fredericksburg Digital Seal

The digital seal is used in place of the official seal on digital communications, and offers a brand compatible, modern interpretation of the traditional seal.


City of Fredericksburg Seal

The official seal of the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Secondary Logos

To individually yet cohesively represent the City of Fredericksburg Government’s breadth of offerings, a set of secondary logos represents the departments within the City Government offerings. These secondary lockups can be used on specific collateral or in contexts correlating to the City's departments. 

Secondary Logos  Artboard 1Secondary Logos  Artboard 3Secondary Logos  Artboard 2


Our tagline embodies the concept of confluence, the idea that people, cultures, stories and opportunities converge in Fredericksburg.


Brand Colors

The Fredericksburg brand color palette is inspired by the confluence of an historic past and an optimistic look toward the future.



Brand Guidelines (PDF)

City of Fredericksburg Logo Use Policy (PDF)

The City of Fredericksburg’s Logo is the property of the City. Licensing of the City Logo for the commercial sales of goods to the public is not authorized. Any organization wishing to use the official Logo shall make an application for such use to the City Manager’s office by emailing or calling 540-372-1010.  

Use of FXBG Letters

The letters “FXBG,” “Fxbg,” or “fxbg” in general use are public domain and do not fall within the City's Logo Use Policy. When the letters “FXBG” are used within the graphic design that is specifically the City’s logo and in a way that implies the City’s endorsement, the City's Logo Use Policy applies. For more information, please contact the City Manager's Office