Regulations including CSOM Program



CSOM Program

Capacity, System, Operations, Management. 

Capacity, System, Operations, and Management (CSOM) is a flexible, dynamic framework for municipalities to identify and incorporate widely accepted wastewater industry practices to:

  • Better manage, operate, and maintain collection systems
  • Investigate capacity constrained areas of the collection system
  • Respond to sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) events

The City of Fredericksburg is currently operating under a CSOM Program and upgrading some of the older sewer collection systems.


The State requires each city or sewer agency to develop and implement a FOG control program.  Though the specifics vary, the programs generally follow the basic approach of prohibiting FOG discharges and mandating the use of kitchen Best Management Practices (BMPs) at the food service establishments (FSE) in their jurisdictions.  Fredericksburg’s FOG Control Program currently includes approximately 140 FSEs that discharge directly to Fredericksburg owned sewer lines.

The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) provides information on how commercial foodservice establishments can better control F.O.G. discharge in their Commercial F.O.G. Fact Sheet (PDF).

The Virginia Municipal League’s “Understanding Wastewater Regulation in Virginia” provides additional information on F.O.G.