Gun Give Back

Every year, the Fredericksburg Police Department hosts an annual Gun Give-Back event at Police Headquarters. The Gun Give-Back event allows for gun owners to voluntarily turn in any unwanted firearms for proper and safe disposal. Gun owners can be assured their unwanted firearms never end up in the hands of criminals or children. Firearms collected at the event will be offered to the Virginia Department of Forensic Science to assist with research.  

Over 170 unwanted firearms have been voluntarily surrendered since its inception. Firearms collected in previous years include hand guns, long guns, homemade shot guns, and other types. 

To encourage gun-safety, the Fredericksburg Police Department and Sheriff’s Office also gives out freegun-locks during the event to anyone who would like a lock for their firearms. 

The Gun Give-Back event is not limited to City residents; anyone who would like their unwanted firearms to be safely disposed can bring them to the event. Ammunition is not be accepted at the event.