Environmental Sustainability Program

Green, Clean Environment

By connecting our community with resources and programs that are available, accessible, and affordable, the City’s Environmental Sustainability Program aims to support individual action to reduce the impacts of climate change and to help our community thrive. In 2019, City Council passed the 100% Renewable Energy Resolution, which committed the City of Fredericksburg to have 100% renewable energy power municipal operations by 2035.

The Environmental Sustainability Program is dedicated to environmental compliance, public education, pollution prevention, and environmental sustainability and stewardship.


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What Does It Mean to Have a Green, Clean Environment?

The City Council Vision Statement - 2036 includes nine parts, one of which describes the vision for Fredericksburg to create a Green, Clean Environment.

City Council Vision 2036: Green, Clean Environment

We are a responsible, 100% renewable energy city with a quality of life that is guaranteed by thoughtful environmental stewardship. Our location on the Rappahannock River compels us to consider the environmental impact of every decision that we make. Our air and water quality is ensured through careful management. Conservation of our natural resources is encouraged through education and incentives. Homes and commercial buildings are built to LEED standards and we encourage the use of alternative energy options. Whether we are discussing street sweeping, new development, education, tree-planting, or tax abatements, we promote a clean environment and well planned, sustainable growth.

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What Is "Sustainability"?

Sustainability is defined as a process or a state that can be maintained at a certain level indefinitely. In other words, it means meeting the present's needs without compromising future generations' ability to meet their own needs.

A sustainable community means to work together within our community to create an attractive, clean area in which to live and to protect the natural resources upon which all life is dependent - for example, using energy and water more efficiently, managing our waste through recycling and composting, producing less waste, and reducing pollution.