Residential Parking Permit Program

The City of Fredericksburg’s Residential Area Parking Permit Program has been established by City Code 1991, § 12-98; amended 1-23-2018 by Ord. No. 18-02.


The Residential Permit Program is administered by the City of Fredericksburg’s Transportation Division, which is led by the Director of Transportation. The goals of the program are outlined in City Code City Code 1991, § 12-98.  The information below is for residents regarding the process for requesting an area designated as a zone for parking permits. The below document also includes information for residents who desire to obtain an individual residential parking permit.  If you are looking for the Residential Permit Parking Area Application or the Residential Permit Parking Area Petition Form, please click the file below:

Residential Parking Permit Program, Application, and Petition Forms (PDF)