Local Food Systems

Food systems can be very complex. From growing the food we eat, to processing, packaging, transportation and end sales, food can travel long miles to reach your plate. These processes use a lot of water, energy and vehicle fuel to bring food to the table, and thinking locally can help reduce your environmental food-print.

What We Want to Accomplish

The city is working towards a local food system that encompasses the entire cycle of food production and consumption, including growing, transporting and the use of disposal. 

Farmer Market Family Photo

  1. Community-wide outreach programs
  2. How you can get involved

Farmers Market

The City of Fredericksburg Famers Market aims to increase access to local healthy food options.

Urban Agriculture

In 2012, the City of Fredericksburg passed a city ordinance allowing citizens within city limits to keep up to four chickens when they have successfully obtained a backyard chicken permit. Additionally, the city passed an ordinance for citizens to keep up to two hives of honeybees.