Community Safety Initiative

City of Fredericksburg Continues Focus on Community and School Safety

The City of Fredericksburg and Fredericksburg City Public Schools continue to place a priority on school safety and security as they planned for the 2023-24 school year. In an effort to keep safety as our top priority, a Community Engagement Roadmap was jointly created by the City and FCPS. It addresses teen violence in our City and seeks to engage our whole community in support of the City’s and FCPS’ safety and prevention measures to help keep our youth and our community safe.  The current nationwide risk environment is elevated, as violence in our communities is rising. The City of Fredericksburg specifically is seeing an increased number of juveniles with access to firearms or possessing firearms. 

Community Engagement Roadmap

Teen Violence - Community Engagement Roadmap - Reported updates November 27, 2023 (PDF)

Earlier Reports

Steering Committee on Teenage Violence

The FXBG Steering Committee on Teenage Violence looks to develop short- and long-term solutions to safety concerns in our schools and community. The committee focuses on issues like gun violence, gang activity, community and school safety, mental health, and family engagement. The committee is also discussing solutions to mitigating territorial conflicts, enhancing community resources, eliminating social media threats, and creating more positive opportunities and activities for students. The committee features more than 30 civic, education, and community members along with representatives from the City of Fredericksburg and Fredericksburg City Public Schools, who are seeking solutions to issues like gun violence and gang activity, while expanding opportunities and activities designed to create deeper relationships for the city’s youth. The dedicated community members met for a second time on August 28. Read the news update here. Those interested in learning more about the committee should contact the City Manager’s Office here.

We Are One 22401

We Are One 22401 Videos

A new video series of inspirational messages for City youth featuring previous James Monroe High School students and Fredericksburg community members. We are all one community, and our students are a very important part of it. This video series is produced by Fredericksburg City Public Schools and the City of Fredericksburg. Watch the video(s) here.

Community Partnerships

A multi-jurisdictional Regional Taskforce is also outlined in the Community Engagement Roadmap and is in the process of being re-established. More information will be shared on this effort soon. 

The joint efforts to support City Schools’ increasing safety measures and protocols, combined with our ongoing safety protocols touching every aspect of community relations, are a large part of the work that the City of Fredericksburg is doing to help address community safety. Additionally, the Fredericksburg Police Department has been working tirelessly to address crime in the City, as evidenced in their recent announcement of summer arrests, including multiple weapons charges. Our Fredericksburg Emergency Services teams have trained, and continue to train, on a variety of safety initiatives. And our Parks, Recreation and Events Department has worked hard to create safe parks and facilities, along with more engaging programs and ensuring safe public events are being held in our City parks.

Community Resource Guide

Community resources are people, places, and activities that can help promote well-being for our youth, our families, and the community as a whole. Fredericksburg City Public Schools has provided a guide for Local Resources to Know to help connect students and their families to local resources for food, housing, employment, adult education, child care, health, family and community support.  Special thanks to Laura Dove, Director of Preschool Programs, Fredericksburg City Schools for helping with this guide. Please download and help share this information: Local Resources to Know (PDF)

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School Safety Efforts 

Thanks to strong partnerships with local law enforcement, Fredericksburg City Schools have been able to implement safety efforts in 2002 and 2023. The City of Fredericksburg and Fredericksburg City Schools have provided the following fact sheet: FCPS School Safety Efforts 22-23 (PDF)

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  • In August 2022, all staff received critical incident training provided by the Fredericksburg Police Department.
  • In September 2022, we held a public safety forum in partnership with multiple local police and emergency services departments.
  • Law enforcement and emergency responders are now granted access badges to all buildings. Extra master keys are provided to watch commanders in the police department and sheriff's department.
  • The sheriff's department has assigned deputies for elementary school drop-off.
  • Our local 911/Communications department has access to our live camera feeds.
  • Additional police support has been provided at school sporting events throughout the year.
  • Schools participated in the state-mandated annual Climate and Working Conditions Survey and a Safety Audit.
  • Each summer, local law enforcement and emergency services review the FXBG Crisis and Emergency Management Plan and provide recommended updates.

Ongoing & Upcoming Efforts

In the 2023-24 school year, additional plans are in the works to keep improving safety and security throughout FXBG schools. This includes:

  • Purchasing and installing weapons detection systems at our school entrances. 
  • Providing each classroom with a Stop the Bleed kit to use in an emergency. Training is also being offered to all staff. 
  • 3M film placed on all main entrance doors, vestibules, and office windows. 

We will continue to focus on safety and security as we move forward. Thank you for your support as we implement these and other measures to maintain the safe, secure, and welcoming schools we all need and deserve. 

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