City Attorney

Provides legal advice and representation to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, other city officials, and employees on a broad range of issues.

City Manager

Serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the city, translating City Council's vision, policies, and priorities into action.

Clerk of Circuit Court

Serves as the recorder of deeds, decides certain issues of probate, issues marriage licenses, creates court records, and certifies and archives all records of the Circuit Courts and other records as provided by law.

Clerk of Council

Prepares and maintains the official records of the city and serves as the administrative support to the legislative body.

Commissioner of the Revenue

Oversees the appraisal and assessment of all real property in the city, administers the city's real estate tax relief program and land use program, assesses individual and business personal property, issues business licenses, and administers local taxes on meals, lodging, admissions, cigarettes, utility services, and mobile communications.

Commonwealth's Attorney

Prosecutes all criminal and serious traffic offenses which occur within the City of Fredericksburg.

Community Planning & Building

Responsible for updating and implementing the city's Comprehensive Plan. Through its Planning Services Division, the department interprets and enforces the city's land use regulations in the Unified Development Ordinance. Through its Building Services Division, the department regulates building construction and maintenance with the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.

Economic Development & Tourism

Promotes business development throughout all areas and aspects of the city and its economy. Tourism marketing for the city is a special focus.


Protects and serves those who live, work, or visit the City of Fredericksburg by providing highly trained, courteous professional personnel for rapid response to their needs.


Performs all financial functions (except tax assessments and treasury functions) including centralized accounting, centralized processing of payroll, accounts payable, and fiscal administration of city enterprises.

Health Department

Virginia Department of Health Fredericksburg office.

Human Resources

Provides services related to employment opportunities, job benefits, wage, and salary administration.

Parks, Recreation and Events

Enhance the lives of our citizens by providing a diverse package of recreation and park opportunities.


Protects the right of all citizens to live in peace and safety by enforcing the law and maintaining social order, and by protecting property from unlawful destruction and theft.

Public Works

Provides project design, contract administration, and construction supervision and inspection for various public works projects. It also oversees the street lighting, sidewalk maintenance, tree trimming, street maintenance, and the Public Works Capital Improvements Program.


Provides a responsive, coordinated, composite, city-wide Sheriff’s Office; independent yet supportive of other law enforcement agencies; preserves law and order; meets goals and objectives of the office; provides security and safety services in the most efficient and effective manner.

Social Services

Provides financial, medical, and family services to improve the life and living conditions of the children, disabled, the elderly, and the poor in the City of Fredericksburg.

Technology / GIS

Provides secure, reliable, accessible, innovative, efficient and effective technology and services to assist City staff in their service to citizens, businesses and visitors of the City of Fredericksburg.

Transit (FRED Regional Transit)

Provides accessible, affordable, dependable, efficient, environmentally sound, and safe and secure transportation for people who reside or work or visit within the Fredericksburg, Virginia region


Provides the planning and administrative services that ensure Fredericksburg has a cohesive transportation network of roads/highways, rail facilities, trails, and sidewalks.


Collects and disburses all city funds, which includes accurate record keeping of all transactions, follow-up collection efforts concerning delinquent accounts, maintenance and reconciliation of bank accounts, investment of idle funds, and the collection and transmittal of state funds to the Virginia Department of Taxation.

Utility Billing Office

City of Fredericksburg residents in single-family and duplex households receive drinking water, sewer, and refuse / recycling collection services from the city. Refuse and recycling are optional services except in high density areas (townhomes) where refuse is required.

Voter Registration and Elections

Ensures that the opportunity to register and vote is available to all eligible residents. The General Registrar conducts registration and elections as required by the Virginia Constitution, Code of Virginia, and directives of the State Board of Elections and the City of Fredericksburg’s Electoral Board.