New Business Checklist

Congratulations on your new business venture! Below is a checklist to assist you in complying with all of the requirements of the City of Fredericksburg. Feel free to contact the appropriate offices with any questions you may have. 

  1. Obtain zoning approval for your new business (even if it is a home-based business Home Occupation Permit).  [  (540) 372-1179 ]
  2. Obtain an occupancy permit (PDF) for your new business (not necessary for home based business). [  (540) 372-1080 ]
  3. If your new business is in the Historic District, all exterior changes and signage will require the Architectural Review Board approval (Certificate of Appropriateness)  [  (540) 372-1179 ]
  4. If your business will be installing any exterior signage, including window decals, you must complete a Sign Permit Application.  [  (540) 372-1179 ]
  5. Obtain appropriate licenses from Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, if necessary.
  6. Register your fictitious name with the State Corporation Commission.    
  7. Obtain a business license (PDF) (contractor information) for your new business from the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue for the City of Fredericksburg. Please note that a separate license is required for each business, even if they are occupying offices along with another licensed business.   [(540) 372-1004]
  8. Register for any special use, flat rate business tax, if applicable. [(540) 372-1004]
  9. Register for business personal property tax.  [(540) 372-1004]
  10. Register for Meals, Admissions, Lodging and/or Short-Term Rental Tax Remittance, if applicable.  [(540) 372-1004]
  11. If you intend to sell mixed beverages, wine or alcohol, obtain the necessary approval from the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control.
  12. If you intend to sell tobacco, verify that all cigarettes available for sale have the City of Fredericksburg cigarette tax stamp affixed. If cigarettes are purchased from Costco, you must request that Costco affix the proper tax stamps for you.