Special Equipment Tactical Team

fredpolice134The mission of the Special Equipment Tactical Team (SETT) is deployment when there is a reasonable belief that a violent encounter could occur which is greater than the average officer would typically face during their daily duties.  Circumstances that often require SETT activation are:

  • Hostage incidents
  • Barricade incidents
  • Active shooting incidents
  • High-risk warrant service
  • Dignitary protection
  • Riot or planned demonstrations
  • Missing person/manhunt situations requiring organized movements

SETT consists of a Team Commander, Team Leader, Assistant Team Leader, and a maximum of 14 additional sworn officers, two of which hold the position of a police sniper.

Each member of SETT attends basic SWAT training, which is a two week (80 hours) rigorous training program that includes:  breaching, deployment of chemical agents, advanced shooting tactics, room clearing, and physical fitness training. Police snipers attend an additional one week (40 hours) advanced sniper school that teaches police related sniper skills, such as urban shooting, hides, and surveillance techniques. Some SETT members are also cross-trained in Crisis Negotiations and attend a one week (40 hour) school. This allows SETT to effectively handle a crisis and use appropriate verbal de-escalation skills in the event that a negotiator is not present or the suspect refuses to speak with negotiators conventionally.