Elderly & Disabled

Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services receives and investigates reports that an adult is abused, neglected, or exploited or at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation; the provision of a wide variety of health, housing, social and legal services to stop the mistreatment and prevent further mistreatment; and the potential to intervene legally to provide essential protection to persons who are in emergency situations and lack the capacity to consent to services.

To make a report of Elder Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation, call (540) 940-2401 during office hours, or (888) 83-ADULT (888-832-3858) after hours.

Adult Services

Adult services are provided to a person with disabilities who is 18 years of age and older, to persons 60 years of age or older, and to their families when appropriate. Adult services provide assistance to adults to remain in their homes by receiving in-home services, i.e. home based care, assessment for Nursing Home Placements and other Adult Care Facilities. Eligibility for adult services is based on need for the services, availability of the service, and any financial considerations that apply.

Auxiliary Grant Program

The Auxiliary Grant program provides income supplements to recipients of Supplemental Security Income and certain other aged, blind, or disabled individuals residing in a licensed, assisted-living facility or an approved adult foster care home.

Medical Assistance Program

The Medical Assistance program (Medicaid) was established under Title XIX of the Social Security Act to enable states to provide medical care for public assistance recipients and medically needy persons (i.e. persons of low income who can meet their maintenance needs but have insufficient income to provide the cost of medical care).