Adult Protective Services

To REPORT adult abuse, neglect or exploitation, call (540) 940-2401 during normal business hours or (888) 83-ADULT (888-832-3858) after hours.

Receives and investigates reports that an adult is abused, neglected, or exploited or at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation; the provision of a wide variety of health, housing, social and legal services to stop the mistreatment and prevent further mistreatment; and the potential to intervene legally to provide essential protection to persons who are in emergency situations and lack the capacity to consent to services.

Some Indicators of Adult Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation:


  • Multiple/ severe bruises, old/new bruises, burns, welts
  • Clustered bruises on trunk
  • Bruises which resemble an object
  • Striking, shoving, Beating, Kicking, scratching

Sexual Abuse

  • Genital or urinary irritation, injury, infection or scarring
  • Presence of a sexually transmitted disease
  • Intensive fear reaction to an individual or to people in general
  • Self-destructive activity or suicidal ideation


  • Untreated medical condition
  • Untreated mental health problem(s)
  • Bedsores
  • Malnourishment/dehydration
  • Fecal/urine smell
  • Animal infested living quarters
  • No heat, running water, electricity
  • Lack of food or inadequate food

Financial Exploitation

  • Unexplained disappearance of funds or valuables
  • Transfer of property, savings, etc.
  • Misuse of money or property by another person
  • Client unaware of income amount
  • Change in payee, power of attorney, will
  • Personal belongings missing
  • Client is isolated

If you are concerned about an adult in your life that may be abused, neglected or a victim of financial exploitation, call (540) 940-2401 during business hours, or after hours call the toll-free Hotline at (888) 83-ADULT (888-832-3858).

Energy Assistance

Medical Assistance (Medicaid)