Foster to Adopt Program

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster/adoptive family/individual?  Is your heart and home ready to accept a child in need?  Please watch our video for more information about the City of Fredericksburg's Department of Social Services Parent Resource Program.  You can also call 540-372-1032 ext. 241 or click this link to sign up to receive more information. Register  · Family Match (

About the program

The Fredericksburg Resource Families Foster to Adopt program is based on a concurrent planning model. Concurrent planning involves resource families committing to reunification of the child (ren) to the biological family, while also committing to adopt the child(ren) if reunification cannot occur.

When a child is brought into foster care and joins a family, the caretakers of the child are expected to participate in a service plan that has been outlined by the joint efforts of the Department of Social Services and the Juvenile and Domestic Court. The goals of the service plan vary from case to case, but always include measures to stabilize the family. Items on a service plan may include but are not limited to; stable housing, employment, and substance abuse treatment. Consideration of the reunification of the family depends in part on the cooperation and fulfillment of the service plan goals.

The Fredericksburg Resource Families Foster to Adopt Program strives to match the needs of a child with a licensed family who can best the individual needs of the child. Our families undergo 27 hours of PRIDE training, background checks and a home study process prior to having a child(ren) join their family. The curriculum currently used to train our Resource Families is the PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information, Development, and Education) model. The PRIDE program was derived from the findings of the National Commission of Family Foster Care in 1991 and is consistent with the CWLA's Standards for Excellence in Family Foster Care published in 1995. This agency currently utilizes the 2016 PRIDE New Generation Model for it's pre-service training.


The 27 hour PRIDE classroom training includes five essential Competency Categories:

  1. Protecting and nurturing children;
  2. Meeting children's developmental needs and addressing developmental delays;
  3. Supporting relationships between children and their families;
  4. Connecting children to safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime; and
  5. Working as a member of a professional team.

Three 1 hour home visits are required to complete the training.

For more information regarding the Foster to Adopt Program please feel free to contact Beajor Stoddart-Johnson.