The "A" shift of the Fredericksburg Fire Department was created after World War II when the department expanded with additional career firefighters. It along with "B" shift were the only two rotating shifts operated with personnel working every other day and receiving a "Kelly" day off to allow for additional off time. This occurred until 1987 when seven additional firefighters were hired and the current 3-platoon system was established. Like most fire departments, the personnel assigned to the "A" shift come from various backgrounds and have a variety of talents and skills that lend themselves to solving most problems that our customers approach us with. As with smaller departments, many of the personnel assigned to the shift have added responsibilities and they handle those functions well.

"A" is fortunate to have stability in leadership at the top as only 4 persons have been commander of the "A" shift since 1960. Those individuals display a "can do" attitude and knowledge base that they continued to pass on to all the personnel who have worked for them over the years.

Staff Member
Retirement Year
Lt. W.R. "Rudy" O’BryhimRetired 1974
Capt. Gary G. McIntireRetired 1991
Battalion Chief Michael J. Jones1992 - promoted to Deputy Chief 2012
Battalion Chief Brandon Bass2012 - Present

A - Shift is comprised of 19 personnel who cover two stations and staff four Companies.

Engine 1
Truck Company
Engine 2
EMS Company
Lt. HenselLt. Robey
Capt. McGovernLt. Allison
FF StanleyFF Doherty
FF BrooksFF/Medic Moore
FF Butler
FF Critzer
FF/Medic Carter
FF/Medic Curtis
FF Buchanan
FF Macias
FF Runnett
FF NewtonFF/Medic Wallace
FF/EMT Nowakowski