The "C" shift was the last of the three shifts to be established in the Department in 1986. The shift has many specialized employees that contribute to the protection of the citizens of Fredericksburg in a multitude of ways. "C" shift area of responsibilities include, but are not limited to, hose purchasing and testing; SCBA maintenance and purchasing; power tool purchasing and maintenance; heading up the department pre-plan program; high angle equipment purchasing and maintenance. This shift is the main lead for Firehouse Productions which produces media for public information predominately on Safety.

"C" Shift has been led by five successful Shift Commanders, they are:

Staff Member
Year Promoted / Retired
Captain Eddie Allen1990 Promoted to Fire Chief
Captain Herbert Pritchett Sr.Retired 2007 Operations Captain
Battalion Chief Brook AltmanRetired 2013 Battalion Chief
Battalion Chief Ed SparksRetired 2018 Battalion Chief
Battalion Chief Chris Madison2019-Present

C Shift is comprised of 19 personnel who cover two stations and staff four companies.

Engine 1
Truck Company
Engine 2
EMS Company
Lt. KeyserLt. WilliamsCapt. LandonLt. Moore
MT ButlerMT BrooksMT ChewningFF/Medic II Matlock
FF/Tech I TolsonFF/Tech II HardingFF/Medic II McCamleyFF/Medic II Kirby
FF BrownFF/Tech II Yancey
FF/Medic II Delgado-Morales
FF Nemes

EMT Satterwhite