New Resident Reminders

A friendly reminder of 9 items including utilities that new residents should take care of in the first 30 days!

  1. Change your Address at the Post Office
  2. Requirement of Vehicle Inspection
  3. Register your Vehicle
  4. Update your driver's license at the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, file a vehicle personal property form with the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office (you'll need your vehicle registration)
  5. License your dogs at the Treasurer's office. Proof of current vaccination is required at time of purchase.
  6. Make sure your house numbers can be read from the street in case of an emergency.
  7. Set up utilities:
    1. Water, Sewer, Refuse Collection and Recycling: City of Fredericksburg
    2. Electricity: Dominion
    3. Natural Gas: Columbia Gas of Virginia
  8. Register your child with the public school system
  9. Register to vote at the Voter Registrar's Office