The Circuit Court Archives are located at 701 Princess Anne Street.

The Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archive provides rich genealogical and historical research data from "loose papers" attached to cases tried at Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since Fredericksburg served as an important transportation hub from early colonial days, several important courts sat here, and served a large geographical area-from Virginia's Tidewater to lands once part of the Commonwealth as far west as the Mississippi River. These records survived destruction during the War Between the States, and thus offer an unusually complete record of local and regional history as well as America's movement west.

The Clerk of the Court is committed to making this unique resource available to the public while conserving it to assure availability to future generations.


Access to Archive records is guaranteed through confirmed appointment only. The sensitive, fragile and exceptional nature of these documents require assistance from our Archive staff. Appointments can be made by calling 540-361-4098 or by Email the Archive Staff

Monday-Friday: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Phone: (540) 361-4098
Email the Archive Staff

Large Copy requests (75+pages) will incur a $15.00 Clerk's fee in addition to the per page copy costs. Extensive research may require the hiring of a professional researcher.