Youth & Tot Sports

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Basketball: Hot Shot Shooting Competition

8 – 16yrs 

The competition will have one player at each basket with a basketball.  The object is for each player to score as many baskets as they can in one minute.   There will be designated spots on the court that are worth different point amounts.  The player with the most points scored at the completion of the one minute period will advance to the next round.  Games are single elimination.  A champion and runner-up trophy will be awarded in each division.   Location: Snowden Basketball Courts

Saturday, 8am – until 

October 24

$10/$10 (residents and non-residents). Pre-registration required. Register online.


Year Round Sports

Our youth sports recreation leagues are currently cancelled for the season. Fall 2020 Youth Sports Leagues are cancelled. 

Developmental "tot" programs are offered in:

  • Fall and Spring Tot Soccer
  • Fall and Spring Tot Field Hockey
  • Blastball
  • Tot Basketball