Trails and Pathways

COVID-19 Update

Parks, Trails and Suggested Walks (MAP)

The Canal Path/Heritage Trail has been very busy these last few weeks.  We have an interactive map to help you find nearby hiking and walking trails (some are paved, some are not) located all over the City that you may want to explore for some exercise. 

Did you know that the City of Fredericksburg has more than 100 miles of sidewalks?  If you can’t make it to a park or trail, there’s still plenty of walkways to get you outside so you can stay active!

Please be conscious and courteous to other trail users; make room to allow others to pass.  And most importantly, please remember to follow Social Distancing guidelines (at least 6’ between walkers) for the safety of yourself and those around you.  Stay safe!

Paved Multi-Use Trails

Canal Path/Rappahannock River Heritage Trail

This scenic paved pathway is 3.1 miles long and winds along the canal and the river.

Cowan Boulevard Trail

This urban paved pathway offers walkers and bicyclists 1.72 miles of convenient access along Cowan Boulevard from Route 1 to Retail Drive.

Fall Hill Trail

This urban paved pathway offers walkers and bicyclists 1.39 miles of a convenient route along Fall Hill Avenue from the Canal to Gordon W. Shelton Boulevard

Virginia Central Railway Trail

The 2.7 mile trail for pedestrians, bicyclists and runners Virginia Central Railway (VCR) Trail. This ten foot wide asphalt trail extends from the eastern end of the Cobblestone development off Lafayette Boulevard out Lafayette Boulevard and across the Blue and Gray Parkway, then through Alum Spring Park and across Emancipation Highway (Route 1) to a point near the Idlewild neighborhood, just east of I-95.

Park Trails

Our city features many lovely nature trails inside our parks. Please visit our parks for more information:

Off-Road Recreation Trails

Mountain biking is allowed only on designated trails. For complete information on other area trails please visit