River Conservation Land

Fredericksburg owns approximately 4,200 acres of riverfront land outside of the city limits along the Rappahannock and Rapidan rivers.

Conservation Easement

 Watershed Property MapIn April of 2006, Fredericksburg City Council approved a conservation easement with The Nature Conservancy, the Virginia Outdoors Foundation, and the Virginia Board of Game and Inland Fisheries calling for no new development on this land, but allowing for low-impact recreational use.

Watershed Maps

Maps are available for boat launches, camping sites, and trails.

Visit the Fredericksburg Tourism website for information on River Outfitters.

Watershed Management Plan

 In January, 2011, City Council adopted the Fredericksburg Watershed Management Plan (PDF).

Watershed Property Manager Responsibilities

The Nature Conservancy paid the city $1.6 million, which was used to endow a full-time watershed manager position. The City's Watershed Property Manager, oversees the conservation easement and works with various state and local government and law enforcement agencies, as well as other watershed stakeholders such as Friends of the Rappahannock on issues that involve the property.

The Watershed Property Manager is available to citizens and adjacent river property owners for phone calls and messages regarding complaints and concerns about the property. This full time law enforcement position is responsible for inspecting/monitoring conditions along the rivers, and correcting conditions that will have adverse impact to the ecosystems associated with the river environments.

The Watershed Manager coordinates with various local and state law enforcement authorities in conducting enforcement of ATV, motorcycle, and other motorized vehicle violations, tree cutting and land disturbance violations, and any other violations that may occur on the property. Contact the Department of Public Works at 540-372-1023.

Use of the City's Watershed Property: Prohibited Activities