Code Modification

**The 2015 International Codes went into effect as of September 4, 2018. A one-year period is in effect that provides permit applicants a choice of complying with the existing 2012 codes or the 2015 codes. The applicant shall state which Code Cycle they are using when they make application. **


Recognizing the need for codes to be flexible, the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code provides for Code Modifications and appeals. The guidelines for modifications are found in the 2012 USBC, Section 106.3.

Parties desiring a code modification are to submit a written request to the Building Official. The initial decision of whether or not to issue a code modification lies solely with the Building Official. The USBC requires that a code modification meets two tests; the request must meet the "spirit and intent" of the code and public "health, safety and welfare" must be assured.

Modification Requests

Code modifications requests may be made by the property owner, tenant, contractor, or some other party directly associated with a particular permit or project. While the code does not dictate the use of a specific form. The City of Fredericksburg, for the purposes of consistency, encourages applicants to use the Code Modification Request form provided.

Applicants should provide complete background information about the circumstances associated with their request, a concise explanation of why exact compliance with the code isn't possible, and how their alternative meets the two tests of the code.

A code modification becomes part of the permanent record of a building or structure, and is recorded on the Certificate of Use and Occupancy issued for a particular structure

Appeals Local Level

Appeals of code decisions, including plan reviews, Notices of Code Violations, and denial of code modification request, can be made to the Fredericksburg Board of Building Code Appeals (BBCA).

Parties wishing to file an appeal to the BBCA should contact the BBCA secretary or the Building Official indicating their desire to appeal. Appellants should understand that the same criteria used in evaluating code modification requests will be applied during the appeal process. The City of Fredericksburg, for the purposes of consistency, encourages applicants to use the Local Appeal form provided.