Third Party Inspection Policy

The Third-Party Inspector's Policy establishes the minimum acceptable qualifications for third-party inspectors, format and time frame required for submission of reports, pre-qualification and pre-approval requirements, and other requirements and procedures established by the Building Official. The authority for this policy is granted by the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (2012) Section 113.7.

The permit holder is responsible for all costs associated with retaining the Registered Design Professional (RDP).

Types of Inspections approved for authorized third party inspection

Building Inspections

1. Controlled Fill
2. Footing
3. Concrete Foundation Wall
3. Load Bearing Masonry
4. Slab
5. Waterproofing/damp proofing
6. Backfill

Retaining Wall Inspections

1. Footing
2. Foundation
3. Backfill monitoring
4. Wall Geometry
5. Compaction
6. Layout

A. Registered Design Professional (RDP)

  1. Shall be licensed as a professional engineer or architect in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  2. Shall attend any meetings required by the Building Official.
  3. RDP's certifying the inspection shall work out of a local office and personally supervise any of the field inspectors whose work they certify.
  4. The RDP is responsible for confirming, through required documentation, the qualifications and reliability of any qualified inspector(s) that they employ per this policy.
  5. The RDP, the RDP's firm, or the field inspectors shall have no financial interest in any project inspected, except for fees paid for the inspection.
  6. The RDP's signature to this agreement acknowledges their responsibility and approval for inspections performed by others under their employ. The engagement of employees or agents to perform inspections pursuant to this agreement does not release the RDP from the responsibility to guarantee that the work subject to the inspection complies with the VUSBC and any other applicable federal, state, or local regulations.

B. Minimum Qualifications of Field Inspectors Employed by the Registered Design Professional

  1. Shall be certified by WACEL, NICET, ACI, or equivalent organization approved by the Building Official, in Soils I, Concrete I, Foundations and other certifications required by the RDP to perform inspection.
  2. Shall meet the requirements of the RDP to perform approved inspections
  3. Shall attend meetings as required by the Building Official
  4. Shall be approved by the Building Official prior to performing inspections.

C. Qualification of Labs

1. All Labs from which this office receives results (ie. soils,concrete etc) shall be accredited by WACEL, NICET, ACI, or equivalent organization approved by the Building Official.

D. Inspection requirements

  1. All reports shall be on the City of Fredericksburg's inspection ticket and the City of Fredericksburg Third Party Inspection form.
  2. The signature and printed name of the inspector shall appear on the inspection ticket and Third Party Inspection form. The seal and signature of the approved RDP shall be affixed to the Third Party Inspection form.
  3. If performing a footing inspection you must verify that the 1st erosion inspection has passed prior to performing the footing inspection.
  4. The inspector and the RDP must assure that the work conforms to the approved set of plans stamped by the City of Fredericksburg and the inspection complies to the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.
  5. All inspection requests shall be called in by 3:30 PM the day prior to the day of inspection.
  6. Inspection tickets and Third Party Inspection forms shall be picked up after 8:30 AM, on the date of inspection, at the Building and Development Services Department (B&DS), prior to performing any inspections.
  7. Foundation wall inspections will not be scheduled until the approved footing inspection reports have been delivered to the Building and Development Services (B&DS) office (prior to 3:30 PM on the preceding day).
  8. Foundation wall inspections, for poured concrete foundation walls, shall verify;
  • The type and brand of form release used on the panels,
  • That the form release is applied prior to erecting the panels,
  • That there is no release solution on the steel reinforcing bars, footing, or form ties,
  • That all reinforcing steel is installed per approved plans and ACI standards,
  • That sill plate anchors are spaced and installed properly and,
  • That no oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, or any other petroleum product is used as the form release and that no petroleum product residue is on the panels, panel ties, reinforcing steel bars, or footing.

 9. Slab inspections will not be scheduled until the approved trade inspections and the wall reports have been delivered to the B&DS office.
11. All reports submitted by the approved third party agency can be electronically sent to expedite delivery, but ORIGINALS shall be sent within 72 hours (3 City of Fredericksburg business days). NO FAXES OR COPIES WILL   BE ACCEPTED!
12. All information on inspection report shall correspond (ex. permit # and address).
13. All original reports shall be received in the Building and Development Services Office within 72 hours. (3 City of  Fredericksburg business days)
14. All incomplete inspection forms will be rejected. No further inspections will be conducted by the City of  Fredericksburg on a job site when an inspection report is rejected or is not received.
15. An inspection rejected by the City of Fredericksburg may not be reinspected by a third party inspector without prior   approval by Fredericksburg's Building Official.
16. The City of Fredericksburg reserves the right to audit third party inspection procedures at any time.

E. Removal from the inspections program

An individual shall receive a verbal or written reprimand and/or may be removed from the program for any of the following: 

  1. RDP's failure to maintain his/her registration in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  2. Field technician's failure to maintain his/her certification through WACEL or an equivalent organization approved by the Building Official.
  3. Failure to adhere to the program's requirements and procedures, to include, but not limited to the following:
  • Inspection of structures in advance of the issuance of the Building Permit.
  • Perform inspection without City of Fredericksburg approved drawings
  • Inspection performed without verifying erosion approval.
  • Failure to report changes in design not approved by the City of Fredericksburg
  • Failure to submit a inspection reports within 72 hrs (3 City of Fredericksburg business days) of performing the inspection to the City of Fredericksburg on our approved forms.
  • Failure to follow directives of the Building Official
  • Falsifying any inspection documents.


The Application for Third Party Building Inspections Certification shall be submitted for approval by the Building Official. The application shall document each individual's experience and qualifications to participate. A copy of all licenses and certifications are to be attached to the application.

Listed below are the procedures for registering as an authorized Third Party Inspection firm.

  1. Submit a resume and copies of certifications for any and all individuals performing inspection work under the principal's supervision. The principal is responsible for updating the employee information under their direction.
  2. Submit a certificate of insurance.
  3. Provide a blank sample of the field correction and approval notice used by the company. (A completed field ticket must be left at each inspection site as a record).
  4. A nonrefundable fee of $200.00 shall accompany each new application. Applications shall be renewed annually, but there will be no charge for annual renewals.
  5. Yearly updated lists of inspectors and engineers qualified to complete inspections for the firm along with copies of resumes and certifications must be submitted along with the yearly updated Third Party Certification forms.