Gateway Corridor Overlay Districts

Gateway Corridor Overlay Districts (GCO) provide additional architectural and site requirements for development and redevelopment along key roadways leading into the City. The intent is to preserve and enhance the aesthetic and historic values of the designated entryway. Single family detached dwellings are exempt from Corridor Design Review. Portions of the following road ways are within the Gateway Corridor Overlay Zoning Districts:

  • Cowan Boulevard
  • Fall Hill Avenue
  • Lafayette Boulevard
  • Princess Anne Street

The GCOs are comprised of a series of sub-districts, each having specific design standards. These standards apply in addition to any other applicable base and overlay zoning district regulations. Additional information relating to the GCO Districts may be found in Sections 72-23.2 and 72-34 of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and in the Design Guidelines below.

Princess Anne Street Corridor Design Guidelines (PDF)
Lafayette Boulevard Corridor Design Guidelines (PDF)

The sub-district overlays are available as a layer on the City's GIS.

New development or redevelopment within the GCO District shall be reviewed in accordance with the standards and requirements in Section 72-23.2, Corridor Design Review.

Items that will be reviewed by the Development Administrator include, but are not limited to:

(1) Building design, scale, and materials
(2) Signage; size, colors, and materials
(3) Streetscape buffers
(4) Vehicular access
(5) Exterior lighting
(6) Screening
(7) Landscaping

Corridor Design Review Application (PDF)
UDO Procedures Manual (PDF) (see Section 2F)
Lafayette Boulevard Corridor Study

Questions regarding the GCO should be directed to the Development Administrator in the Planning Services Division at (540) 372-1179.