Zoning Verification

Zoning verification letters may be requested from the Zoning Administrator by an individual who is seeking verification of the zoning status of a specific parcel of land. Zoning verification letters may include the following information:

  • The future land use designation of the property;
  • The zoning designation of the property;
  • Verification that a particular use is permitted within the property's zoning district;
  • A list of permitted uses in the zoning district; identification of current zoning resolutions, special uses, special exceptions and variances that apply to the property;
  • The zoning regulations applicable to the property; and
  • Identification of any current notice of violations issued on the subject property.

The request for a zoning verification letter must be submitted writing and be accompanied by the required fee. The request must provide sufficient information to identify the property and the information the requester seeks to verify. Please complete this Zoning Verification Form (PDF) to make a request. At a minimum, requests must include:

  • The property address;
  • The Geographic Parcel Identification Number (GPIN); and
  • Questions you would like answered pertaining to zoning.

Requests may be submitted via e-mail, fax or regular mail. Applicants submitting requests via e-mail or fax should contact the Zoning Office for information on payment. Requests that include multiple parcels will be charged a fee for each parcel.