Public Participation and Involvement

A single regulatory agency or municipal office working alone cannot be as effective in reducing stormwater pollution as if it has the participation, partnership, and combined efforts of other groups in the community all working towards the same goal. The point of public involvement is to build on community capital­—the wealth of interested citizens and groups—to help spread the message on preventing stormwater pollution, to undertake group activities that highlight storm drain pollution, and contribute volunteer community actions to restore and protect local water resources.

The City of Fredericksburg in partnership with the Friends of the Rappahannock are actively hosting events such as "Fintastically Fredericksburg" and the Spring and Fall River Clean Ups. These events promote public participation in watershed conservation, protection, and management. The City is developing a set of trails and routes to facilitate public awareness on safety, environmental education, waterway awareness, and trail etiquette. The City's recycling program provides detailed guidance to its residents and local businesses on recycling. In addition, the Rappahannock Gold project is combining silt and organic matter recovered from behind the Embrey Dam to make high-quality topsoil available to the public.