City Logo 1782 City of Fredericksburg, Virginia Hon. Mary Katherine Greenlaw, Mayor
Hon. Charlie L. Frye, Jr., Vice-Mayor, Ward Four
Hon. Kerry P. Devine, At-Large
Hon. Matthew J. Kelly, At-Large
Hon. Jason N. Graham, Ward One
Hon. William C. Withers, Jr., Ward Two
Hon. Timothy P. Duffy, Ph.D., Ward Three
City Council


Council Chambers
715 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, Virginia  22401

April 20, 2021
7:00 p.m.
Mary Katherine Greenlaw, Presiding
The City Council will hold an e-meeting pursuant to and in compliance with City Council Ord. 20-05. The public is encouraged to access the meeting though the broadcast on Cox Channel 84 and Verizon Channel 42.  The meetings can also be viewed on our or accessed through Facebook at



Call to Order

“This Meeting is being held electronically by “Go to Meeting” application, pursuant to City Council Ordinance 20-05, An Ordinance to Address Continuity of City Government during the Pendency of a Pandemic Disaster. 

The members participating are: [List members by name]

Members of the public have been invited to access this meeting by public access television Cox Channel 84, Verizon Channel 42, online at or accessed through Facebook at



Vice-Mayor Charlie L. Frye, Jr.

Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw

Public Hearing

Citizens who wish to participate in the public hearing will be able to send their comments in writing by (1) dropping them in the Deposit Box at City Hall, (2) U.S. Mail, (3) through a form on our website or (4) email to the Clerk of Council. Comments must be received at least one hour in advance of the meeting for example, comments will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on nights with a 5:30 work session. The plan is to read these comments out loud during the public comment portion of the City Council meeting. The standard rules apply to public comments: the person must identify himself or herself by name and address, including zip code, limit his or her remarks to 3 minutes or less (read aloud), and address a topic of City business.  

Fiscal Year 2022 Recommended Operating and Capital Budget


Proposed Increase in Real Estate Tax Rate


Proposed Increase in Water & Sewer Fees


Proposed Increase in Recycling Fees


Proposed Increase in Archaeological / Planning Fees