When are elections for City Council members?

City Council members are elected for four-year terms, and elections are now held in November of odd-numbered years.  Elections are staggered – the next election will be for the four Ward representatives, in November 2021. In March 2021, the Virginia Senate and House of Delegates both passed SB1157 (Spruill), a bill that moves all local May elections to November, effective January 1, 2022. The bill required localities with May elections to adopt an ordinance providing for the transition of those elections to the November general election date. This legislation adopted had the effect of moving Fredericksburg’s municipal May elections to November of even-numbered years. Until this law went into effect, the City had the choice between odd-numbered year and even-numbered year election cycles. The Council chose the odd-numbered year, hence creating a November 2021 election. See April 2021 Council memo for full background. 

The November 2023 election will be for the Mayor and the two at-large Council members.

See Voter Registration page for election details. 

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