My child is shy, has a fear of spiders, has allergies, has an ADA-qualifying disability – who should I tell?

We ask if your child has any “physical disability, allergies, medication, or facts of which we need to be aware”. PLEASE use the space during the registration process to let us know anything about your child that you believe would be helpful in providing a safe an  enjoyable experience for your camper. If your child is shy or has a fear of spiders, or if your child has a disability for which we need to plan, please let us know. We hire camp staff based not only on the number of campers registered but also on the type of activities associated with  the camp. If your child will require any extra encouragement in certain situations or when paired with other children, we would like to know.

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22. What will happen if my child gets sick at summer camp?
23. What if I need someone else to pick my child up – who should I tell?
24. What happens if my child has a bee sting or bug bite at summer camp?
25. My child is shy, has a fear of spiders, has allergies, has an ADA-qualifying disability – who should I tell?
26. My child has ADD or ADHD, but should not need any special accommodation for summer camps – should I tell someone?
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32. I’m creating a new account to register online so why is it telling me I already have an account?
33. I have created an account but it wouldn’t let me add my child.
34. I'm trying to register online and can’t find the class, activity or sport.
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