General Requirements for Dumpster/Container/Toilet
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) shall be placed only at the location described in the application.  If this location changes, please let us know as soon as possible.  Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) may not be placed, even partially, in front of adjacent properties without the consent of the adjacent property owner.
  • The Applicant/Permittee shall be responsible for any damage resulting from the placement or use of this Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s).
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) must be placed a minimum of TWENTY (20) feet from any intersection.
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) must be placed a minimum of FOUR (4) feet from any driveway entrance.
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) must not be placed more than TWELVE (12) inches from the curb.
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) must not impede the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic and must not cause any site distance issue for vehicular traffic.
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) must have a minimum of EIGHTEEN (18) inches of reflective material or lights on EACH OF THE EIGHT (8) UPPER CORNERS.
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) must not prohibit or limit access to any fire hydrant or other necessary resource, facility, or infrastructure, as determined by the City. 
  • Dumpster/Container/Toilet(s) must be placed in such a manner that it will remain stationary (i.e. wheels must not be able to move) for the duration of placement.  Particular care must be exercised when Dumpster/Container/Toilet is placed on an inclined surface.  ALL wheels must be chocked.   

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