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Honeybee Permit Application

  1. Do you own your residence?*
  2. Have you taken a beekeeping course?*
  3. Read and initial each item, then sign and date below.
  4. (First-time applicants only. See Fredericksburg City Code § 14-240.)
    1. 1. No more than two hives may be kept on any residential lot.
    2. 2. Hives must be located at least ten feet from any side property line or public sidewalk and five feet from any rear property line.
    3. 3. A constant supply of fresh water shall be provided on the lot, within twenty feet of all hives.
    4. 4. A flyway barrier at least six feet in height, consisting of a wall, solid fence, or dense vegetation, shall shield any part of a property line that is within twenty-five feet of a hive, or facing a hive opening.
  5. Applicant Signature: I understand that checking the box below is the equivalent of signing my name.*
  6. Permits must be renewed by January 1 each year. Failure to do so will cause you to incur late fees and/or be cited by Animal Control/Police Officers for failure to obtain a permit.
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