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Wall of Honor Application


  1. 1. Instructions
  2. 2. Wall of Honor Nominee Information
  3. 3. Nominating Information
  • Instructions

    1. Any person seeking to nominate an individual for inclusion on the City’s Wall of Honor, located in Fredericksburg City Hall, should complete the following application and submit it to the Clerk of Council for consideration by the Memorials Advisory Commission. Each year, the Commission recommends the names of up to 4 persons to Council, which makes the final decision on all nominations. To be considered by the Commission and City Council, nominees shall meet the following criteria:
    2. 1. Nominees must be recently deceased individuals who, during their lifetimes, were residents of the Fredericksburg area and who made significant contributions to the welfare of the City.
    3. 2. Nominees should have been deceased for at least one year prior to nomination.
    4. 3. Nominations may be submitted by any person who was personally acquainted with the nominee, except that no individual may be nominated by an immediate family member.
    5. Please attach any supporting documentation, letters, obituaries, news articles, or other information to support your nomination.