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Equipment Rental Form

  1. All persons or organizations wishing to rent equipment must make application to, and receive approval from, the Department no less than two weeks prior to the intended use.
    CITY LIMITS: All rented equipment is rented for use within the city limits. Equipment may, however, be taken beyond the city limits by city residents, businesses, organizations, etc. When this is done, the renter, whether a city resident or not, will be charged the non-city rental fees. Non-City residents, businesses, organizations, etc. may not take rented equipment beyond the City limits.
  2. Select Equipment
    Using the drop down lists below select the equipment you would like to rent. To the right of the drop down list type the number of that item you would like to rent. Leave any unneeded lists empty.
  3. Location where the equipment will be used:
  4. Applicant has read and will abide by the General Park Policy.
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