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Fredericksburg Sheriff's Office
Application for Appointment

  1. Appointment Type*
  2. Sex*
  4. Are you a high school graduate?*
  5. If you did not, do you have a high school equivalency diploma?
  6. Please specify course and college.
    Start with the most recent employer and work back.
  8. Special skills, hobbies, comments, etc.
  9. Personal References
    List five (5) personal references. Do NOT include relatives or employers.
  10. Miscellaneous Information
  11. Do you have a VA Driver's License?*
  12. Are you a US Citizen?*
  13. Have you ever been convicted of a law violation, including moving traffic violations but excluding offenses committed as a minor?*
  14. Have you ever applied to another law enforcement agency?*
  15. If yes, list the approximate date, agency and disposition below.
  16. Have you ever attended a criminal justice academy?*
  17. Have you ever applied for employment with the City of Fredericksburg?*
  18. If yes, list date, department and disposition below.
  19. By signing this application you certify that all the information that you have provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and you understand that discovery of any falsification is grounds for termination and I understand that the Sheriff is a Constitutional Officer of the Commonwealth and as such, all deputies and others are appointed to position by him into the Fredericksburg Sheriff’s Office and serve at his pleasure according to State Code (VA. Code 15.2-1603). As such, their appointment is subject to termination by the Sheriff for any reason at any time, and such termination of appointment is not a grievable matter. The Sheriff will have the final say with regards to both appointments to position within his office and the termination of such appointments.
  20. Applicant's Signature: I understand that checking the box below is the equivalent of signing my name.*
  21. When you report for your interview, you will need to bring the following documents:

    - Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate

    - College Degree or Transcript showing graduation

    - High School Diploma or G.E.D. Certificate

    - DD-214 (if veteran)

    - Virginia Drivers License

    - Social Security Card
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