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1. My online banking payments always seem to arrive late. Why is that?
2. Where is the Treasurer’s Office located?
3. Will I receive my tax bills at the proper address if I notify DMV and/or the USPS of an address change?
4. Who do I make checks payable to and where do I mail my payment?
5. When I pay my bills with online banking, why does it take so long for payments to reach the Treasurer’s Office?
6. I mailed my payment in before the due date. Why have I incurred late fees?
7. Why does printing a receipt from my online payment seem so “user unfriendly”?
8. How often does the City bill for annual personal property taxes?
9. For real estate taxes, why does the City function on a Fiscal Year basis instead of a calendar year?
10. Why do I need a PIN to pay my personal property taxes online?
11. How can I reset my PIN for online payments if I forget it?
12. Why am I receiving another personal property tax bill mid-year?